US Dollar vs Euro History

Characteristics of Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange is the system of trading one currency for a foreign currency (hence the name). This system is one of the most common investments being done today, as the dynamics are relatively less complicated than stocks, and sometimes profits can be made faster. However, they do have their own dynamics and unpredictability, and these have to be understood by the beginning trader as a necessary first step in FX trading.

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Fun Lesson Plans for Kindergarten

Now and Then – A Fun Bible Object Lesson for Your Kids

Now and then. What a wonderful phrase. Let me show you what I mean. Now, we experience many trials. Then, in Heaven, we will be free from all suffering. Now, we only see God as looking through a glass darkly. Then, we shall see Him face to face. Heaven is definitely something our children should look forward to.

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Australian Dollar to Us

An "Easy" Way to Earn Millions Sitting on a Couch

The term 'currency' refers to any form of money in circulation. The process of buying and selling currencies of different countries is called currency trading. For example, you are a US citizen and want to make a trip to Germany. So you need Euros in order to buy things and services, i.e.

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Currency Converter Australian Dollars

Forex 12 Major Currency Pairs – What Are They & How Can You Profit From Them?

By sticking to the most popular pairs in Forex (called the MAJORS) you know you've got the most liquidity:




Euro / US Dollar (Fiber)


US Dollar / Japanese Yen (Gopher)


UK Sterling / US Dollar (Cable)


US Dollar / Swiss Franc (Swizzy)


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