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Why Invest for Property in Australia

Australia is an outstanding country in terms of lifestyle and climate. It offers many economical and political advantages for today's overseas property investors. Australia offers profitable opportunities of Property investment for sale and purchase in current property hotspots. With a current backlog of 200,000 residential properties needed, a number that increases by a further 30,000 homes per year, an undersupply of developed land and a shortage of funding for development companies, there is a serious shortage of housing in Australia, no wonder many experts call it a housing crisis. Through natural population increases and new arrivals to The Lucky Country, Australia's population grows by about 400,000 per year. This alone demands an extra 133,000 homes a year, assuming an average of 3 people per household.

As a result of this continuous demand, property prices and rentals will rise steadily. Along with strong demand from renters, and with generous assistance from the government to assist supply, our investment property concept is the envy of the developed world.

The following are the main reasons that make Australia such a strong investment market today:

The only real risk for new property investors is in trying to go it alone, and making costly mistakes simply through a lack of research or knowledge. With Positive Property Investments (PPI) you do not have that risk. Nor do you have your family and work time consumed with financing, sourcing, building and property management issues. Lower risk, greater returns, more time for yourself and your family.

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