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How To Start Your Own Taxi Business – Website And Content

Image is everything.

It doesn't matter how good and professional your company, if your website creates the wrong impression, you will not attract prospective customers to explore your site.

You have to create a company image that portrays the standards and qualities you represent and what the customer may be attracted to.

I would recommend a web hosting service that provide templates with the ability to upload your own images and photos. There is no complicated coding or other in-depth specialist applications. Fees are very reasonable and you have total control.

Consider some of the following:

1. Website colour scheme. Background and text colour. Compare other websites on the internet to create ideas and test them out with your own components. I would advice no more than three colours and keep it simple. Colour creates an ambiance and feeling.

2. Font. Choose a font that is easy to read and the correct size.

3. Headings and sub-heading. Attract the reader's attention and be short and to the point. You don't want them to lose interest by too much text that goes on and on.

4. Photos and videos. It is so true that a 'picture paints a thousand words'. A description comes to life when photos accompany your text. Let your prospective customer see your wedding car dressed in ribbons and bows. Be aware of copyright as photos available on the internet may not be permitted to be used by others. Take time to take your own photos as this creates a personal reflection of your company rather than an obvious copy of a freely available image. Use your photos for video clips for social media sites such as You Tube and Facebook.

When visiting locations that are specific to your business take time to obtain some photos to enhance and improve your website. Images of aeroplanes and airport terminals are ideal for your Airport Transfer webpage. Wedding locations will offer picturesque views ideal for your Facebook page and Wedding Car Hire webpage. Hotels offer business and conference facilities which you can photograph for Executive Travel. A tourist journey to Stonehenge, a rugby fan to Twickenham, or race goer to Ascot may lend photographic opportunities for Luxury Private Hire. Photographs of your vehicle and introducing yourself as the chauffeur will add a professional and personal touch to your main home webpage for Chauffeur Hire.

Photographs must be relevant and professional and complement your text. Plan and take photographs on bright sunny days. It will take time to learn how use computer applications, such as Photo Shop, but you can achieve very good results with a little practice.

5. Create pages for separate sub groups. Your service can be separated into various groups. For example pages can be dedicated to wedding car hire, airport transfer, luxury private hire and chauffeur hire. Consider corporate clients with executive travel.

6. Trade associations. If you belong to a trade association you can enhance your image as a reliable and trustworthy service provider by adding their logo. Provide a brief description as to how this will benefit your prospective customer.

7. Contact details. Don't let your reader search for your contact details. They should be on every page and there should be a contact page so that they can send an email to you, via the website.

8. Term and Conditions.

This is valuable as it sets out the conditions of the service, should the reader decide to employ your services. Both the public and you have statutory rights for protection and fairness. You need to explain if you have a cancellation policy or things happen that are out of your control. Look at other company terms and conditions to get an idea of what you need to put onto your own site.

Hopefully by the end of the process you will have created a website that is unique and bespoke.

Look at all the components on my site and judge if I have adhered to my own advice.

Search Engine Optimisation.

A vitally important aspect of your website which allows prospective customers to find you on the internet.

Search engine optimisation is a diverse and complicated subject but with some basic knowledge you can achieve good results putting your private hire website on page one of a search result.

1. Research. Purchase a book on the subject and put into practise what you learn. A book will guide you and assist with understanding the basics.

2. Keywords. Prospective customers search using words that are relevant to what they are looking for. For private hire and taxi businesses there are numerous keywords from generic to specific. Chauffeur driven car hire, airport transfer, wedding car hire, executive travel, luxury private hire, are just a few examples. Consider using locations for keywords as the public will look for services within their town or city.

3. Links to your site. Registering with a free listing directory will often give you a link back to your site. Social media sites supply links to your site. Submit articles and blogs.

Links to your site is seen by search engines as being important for website rating and will increase your ranking as you gain more and more links.

4. Current and updated. If a search engine sees that your site has remained stagnant and unchanged for weeks it may reduce your site prominence and affect the ranking. Keep your site current with amendments and new photos. There are always calendar events that can be added and removed such as Wimbledon, Twickenham, Ascot etc.

5. Webmaster Tools. Google and Bing allow you to assess your site's performance.


Your goal is for your business to be easily visible and attract as many prospective customers as possible via your website. I am not a computer boffin and I only have a basic understanding of search engine optimisation. A successful and prominent website will take months to gather momentum and increase in search rankings. It will take patience and understanding and you will learn as you progress. Being a long-term project, with little capital outlay, a successful website can provide you with a permanent means of cheap advertising that can be seen all over the world.

N. J. Young owns and manages Southampton Chauffeur Hire and has gained valuable experience in all aspects of operating a small business. From marketing a strong business image to providing clients with a high standard of service. Each article is specific to a part of the business structure and can be applied in general terms that includes other small businesses. Visit Http://… or phone 02380 900620 or 07413 414 134.

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