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Vacuum Your Carpet the Right Way, And Regularly!

Did you know that when you vacuum your carpet, 80% of the vacuuming effectiveness takes place when you pull back, and only 20% when you push the vacuum forward? Another suggestion for vacuum procedure when vacuuming traffic areas is to vacuum in four different directions. In other words, face north and vacuum, then east and vacuum, then south, then west. Seriously! This will maximize the soil removal in the traffic areas and help keep them from "uglying out" over time.

When you get sand and soil particles in the carpet, these little particulates have sharp edges that can cut into the surface of the filaments when walked on. When the filaments start getting scratched up enough, the traffic areas start looking "dirty." It's not dirt though, it's actually abrasion. And I'm sorry, even if you had the best carpet cleaner in the country (uh, that's me) clean your traffic areas, the abrasion is permanent. In fact, here's a little carpet inspector secret: to find out if your traffic areas that look dirty are really dirty, or if they have abrasion, take a bright light (at least 200 watts) and hold it directly over the traffic area you're inspecting. If the "dirt" is actually dirt, you'll see it even easier. However, if it's abrasion, you won't see it. So you can either hang bright lights over all of your traffic areas all the time to hide the abrasion, or you can vacuum them correctly from the start.

I strongly recommend a vacuum with a HEPA filter that filters out even the small dust particles. I don't personally have any favorite, nor have I seen any difference in the condition of a carpet depending on the brand of vacuum being used. The difference always seems to stem from the proper or improper use of whatever vacuum is being used.

Of course, vacuuming frequency can vary between a main hall and a seldom-used guest bedroom. Vacuuming in the main areas every one to two days is probably good. However, don't neglect that back bedroom too long. Vacuuming is not just for sucking up broken potato chips and crumbs from last night's party. Rather, there are two things you're after, even though you can't see them. One is airborne particulate that settles into the carpet or is filtered by the carpet as the air moves through the home. The second are the inevitable dust mites that even you have in your home right now. These microscopic beasts live in everybody's furnishings but can be somewhat controlled with regular and thorough vacuuming. That's why I suggest that you have that back guest bedroom cleaned by the cleaner every 1 to 2 years, even though it's not getting very much traffic. Therefore, regular and thorough vacuuming is one of the two most important parts of maintaining your new carpet. The other is cleaning, but that is another subject!!

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