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Basic Travel Gear For Novice and Experienced Pro

If you belong to some kind of travel club there are likely lists of things you need to take for almost every trip or vacation listed on handouts or even on their website. They generally are pretty helpful and like to exchange information about their adventures and tips that might help out a fellow traveler. The may recommend everything from secret spots to discount hotels to local restaurants to economy airlines pushing a one time cost to an unusual destination.

They may provide their members of this travel club with timely information that could be vital for successful travel to other lands and far off exotic places. To say that many who are part of travel clubs are part of a "well-traveled" group would be an understatement to say the least.

To help out those who are not privy to this insider information who haven't traveled as much or as far as those folks, here is a listing of 10 items that are the absolute core of travel gear you will need to ensure a great time (or at least one where things are covered).

1. Wheeled luggage is a must both for back relief and for ease for transport. This can be either a suitcase or over sized bag but the main things is that you need to have this alternative to carrying it in your hand or on your back. You should carry luggage only when it is absolutely necessary and it should not your first option in getting it from one place to the next. Few things are worse than pulling your back out on the first day of a long vacation.

2. An empty day pack or light backpack put in your luggage might not seem like it would be important to remember, but consider this, it is a far better option to carry local maps, energy snacks, any toiletries and such because it leaves your hands free to take pictures, gives you control over your personal belongings and can make a nice pillow if you want to rest.

3. Sneakers or comfortable shoes. There is a saying in professions that stand and walk a lot "it doesn't matter what your shoes look like if you're in pain". This has been true for travelers as well. Think of walking the Great Wall in high heels or dress shoes. Then think of some comfortable shoes on the mountain path to Machu Pichu. Huge difference in level of comfort. No one is going to make fun of your shoes on these trips. Save your nice shoes for dining.

4. Medication might not be available and prescriptions are a hassle in other countries to fill. Make sure to have all these s with you when you travel.

5. A money belt that is comfortable and a neutral color will help you avoid pickpockets easily. There are far too many new traveler that leans this the hard way. They have a day pack and put all their valuable in the pack. Then a local thief uses a razor blade while you are distracted to get your stuff and make off with it to pawn. Don't be that guy.

6. A gortex jacket or poncho are must for almost every climate. Unless you like being wet and soggy pack at least an umbrella. It is not optimal because they tend to break in hi winds, but it is better than nothing. Pack for rain at all times.

7. Battery operated alarm clocks are a wonder that you can ill afford to leave home without. You might be scheduled to go on a day trip and the power goes out for a second. Unless you a counting on the hotel to wake you, it is much better to ensure your wake up with a travel alarm clock to hedge your bet.

8. Voltage converter and some country specific plug adapters are often forgotten by the new traveler, but the seasoned traveler knows better. Making sure to check what common plugs and voltage can save your hair dryer and any other essential gear you bring along.

9. Maps and local guidebooks are a must for many reasons. One thing to do that many forget is that if you are in a foreign country to map out where the US Embassy and local transportation hubs are. This is a great way to get lost and many cab drivers will help you better if you have these places mapped in advance.

10. Copies of important documents like your passport, any purchased tickets, a birth certificate and shot records are a good idea because you never know what can happen and that old adage of putting your eggs all in one basket comes to mind. One other bonus here is phone numbers. If you are stressed and have only one call to make, you really do not want to forget who you need to call.

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