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Foreign Exchange Forecasts – Two Currency Opportunities for Huge Gains

Foreign exchange forecasts see plenty of volatility, in the major currencies – but there are two currencies that look fantastic – as long-term position trades – and many currency traders are overlooking them.

In the foreign exchange forecast for the coming months, the Canadian and Australian dollar look set for significant strength – and a simple buy and hold strategy, could pile up massive profits.

Global Expansion.

This foreign exchange forecast is rooted in the changes that are taking place in the global economy – and will underpin these currencies for many months – if not years to come.

When forecasting foreign currency exchange rates and looking at the longer-term outlook, changes in the global economy are telling us, why these currencies are set to soar in value:

They are big commodity exporters – the global economy is expanding – and it needs fuel!

The emergence of huge economic growth in China and India, is taking the headlines – but economic expansion is occurring worldwide, it's broad based – and looks set to continue.

Both the Canadian and Australian economies will see huge buying of raw materials – causing strong buying, of both the Canadian and Australian currencies.

Did you Miss this?

When forecasting foreign exchange rates, you don't see much in the news, about the bull market in the Canadian dollar.

The Canadian dollar has increased in value 30% since 2003! – Imagine trading this with just 10:1 leverage – that's triple digit annual gains over 3 years.

This trade is not rocket science – it's simple supply and demand.

The move is not over – and foreign exchange forecasts, see further strength in the currency.

The Australian dollar has been trading sideways, for a considerable period of time – but it's only a question of when this will break to the upside.

A breakout above the weekly highs will see the currency enter a new bull phrase.

Long Term Growth.

These foreign exchange forecasts are long term – and the trades are a simple buy and hold strategy – which could make anyone big profits.

The trades are simply taking advantage of the expansion of the global economy – which is an undeniable economic fact.

Trading the Move.

These currencies can be quite volatile in the short term – so an excellent way to trade them is via options strategies.

Go for in the money, or at the money options, with plenty of time value – to reflect the long-term nature of this trade.

Entry to the Market.

Use a breakout method, to get into the market – and dips to load up positions.


Of course, the major currencies offer great profit potential too – as recent foreign exchange forecasts show – but the Canadian and Australian dollar give you a clear cut reason to buy and hold – and will help diversify your trading portfolio.

Check them out today.

Look at the foreign exchange forecasts – and pay close attention to the Canadian and Australian dollar – we think these two currencies look great – but check them out for yourself, and see what you think!

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