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What is Swapped During Forex Swap?

 Swap is a forex trading term and it means a real-time purchase and sale of the same amount of a selected currency for two different dates for the sale and purchase of another selected currency.

Forex swap is in a way a borrowing mechanism. You basically borrow one currency while lending another for a selected period of time. In other words swap is interest rates for the currency pairs you sell or buy. Depending on the pair, you may either earn or pay swap interests.
Forex swap means that you can buy/sell a base currency today and sell/buy that currency sometime in the future. For example, let's say you bought fixed amount of Euro for Dollars and sold those Euro 3 months afterwards for Dollars. This is defined as Euro Swap.
So, how can forex swap help you profit? Consider an example:
Let's swap US Dollar and Euro. Forex trader enters a swap and buys $100,000 with exchange rate of $0.1 per euro (yeah right! It's just an example!). At the same time, another trader agrees to sell in 3 month the same $100,000 dollars to buy Euros at the exchange rate of $0.09. During this trade the trader makes up to 50,000 euro profit because the value of dollar changed.

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