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Be a Barbequing Natural With Your Natural Gas Grill

An outdoor grill that cooks with natural gas, works the same way as a grill that cooks with propane. The only difference is where the fuel source comes from and the attachment to the fuel source.

The benefit of using natural gas grills is natural gas is cheaper, depending on where you live, than propane to use, burns cleaner and is a safer alternative. Because natural gas burns cleaner there will be less gunk that builds up on the components of your grill, making cleaning easier. Using natural gas grills will eliminate the need to change tanks and run out to refill the tanks saving time as well as money, especially if you do a lot of grilling. You will also eliminate the need to dispose of propane tanks when they are old. They are considered a hazardous material. Call your local Department of Public Works. They may take them off your hands or tell you where you can dispose of them properly. You can't just throw them anywhere.

Most propane fired gas grills on the market today come in a natural gas version, the only difference being a few parts. If the store doesn't carry natural gas grills, they can usually be easily ordered. If you have a propane gas grill in good working order conversion kits are available. The conversion can be made in a few minutes with usually just a wrench.

Now that you have made the decision to switch to a natural gas grill, gas line installation is next on the list. Unless you are a licensed contractor and experienced in gas line installation, call your local gas company for a list of licensed contractors who can do the work. Get several bids to be sure you are getting a competitive price for the work. The gas company may also inspect and approve the work when it is completed.
When having the gas line installed, have the installer put in a quick connect gas line so you can plug in your gas grill easily. The connector is the size of a regular electrical outlet. It has a drop down cover so nothing can crawl in and take up residence. It has an on/off switch so the gas can be turned off in a place other than the grill itself. This will come in handy if the gas becomes uncontrollable, for instance if the gas line gets cut or, if you want to move your gas grill to a storage area for the winter.

When choosing a location for your grill, make sure it is away from the hub bub of activity but close enough to serve your guests easily. You but don't want folks always walking by the grill and you certainly don't want the children playing near the grill. No one wants to see an accident involving a hot grill and people.
As with all grills, never wear loose or flowing clothing when cooking and always use pot holders and oven mitts.

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