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How a Strong Dollar Can Hurt Trade

Strong Dollar Can Diminish Profits.

Companies that do business overseas have never had greater need for a reliable real time Forex converter. On its face a strong dollar can seem like a good thing but for companies doing business in foreign markets a strong dollar can diminish profits significantly.

Corporations Paying Close Attention To Currency Markets.

Many companies that do business overseas are blaming the strong dollar for reduced profits in their latest quarterly reports. Corporate accountants are paying close attention to currency markets with frequent consultations of a Forex currency converter. Since this sounds good on its face, how does a strong dollar hurt corporate profits?

How It Works.

Most companies that sell goods and services on foreign markets translate their sales figures from foreign currencies into US dollars using a Forex currency converter. If the US dollar is stronger than the various currencies then revenues drop. For example let us assume that the dollar and the Euro are trading at parity. If a company sells an item that generates 10 Euros in profits the company can turn that profit into $10 US dollars. But what if the Euro was trading at $.80 cents? That means that $10 dollar profit has shrunk to $8 dollars. If the Euro falls to $60 cents the profit is reduced further to $6 dollars.

Strong Dollar = Diminished Purchasing Power.

For foreign companies doing business in the United States this translates into diminished purchasing power for foreign companies and has an adverse effect on trade. This is the reason most major corporations have a foreign exchange department where accountants consult Forex currency converters and determine profit and loss.

Dollar Bolstered By Safe Haven Demand.

Most economists had expected the US dollar to fall when the depths of the global economic crisis became apparent. Forex investors consider the US dollar to be a safe haven in times of economic trouble and this risk aversion has benefited the dollar while hurting foreign trade. The dollar soared on currency markets defying conventional logic. In today's global economy the need for a Forex currency converter has never been greater. Currency markets have been especially volatile and consulting an FX currency converter has become second nature for many executives.

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