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The Audacity of Failure

The audacity of failure being created by Barack H. Obama.

What is Socialism by its exact definition out of a dictionary?

Show Spelled [soh-shuh-liz-uhm] Show IPA-noun.

1. A theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

2. Procedure or practice in accordance with this theory.

3. (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.

The United States of America fought Marxist ideas for approximately 100 years and for good reason. Every Nation that has utilized Socialism as a Government instrument has overwhelmingly realized the same failed results.

Failed results, gosh, that doesn't sound good, what would one mean by failed results?

Collectivism is central in Socialized theory. It directly contradicts the vision that our founding fathers had in the United States, because the founding fathers believed that there were no limitations to an individuals potential if allowed to be free with a limited Government and of coarse, they were correct, which explains how and why the United States of America led the world in almost all technological advancements, inventions and increased the standard of living for 100's of millions of people through out the world. Individual liberty leads to incentive to achieve and thus, with individual liberty that was in place for the United States men and women aspired to create things. Think about it; The United States invented the ability to harness electricity, the 1st telephone, invented the 1st gasoline powered automobile, the 1st air plane, 1000's of medicinal drugs and cures in medical science, we put the 1st man on the moon, invented the internet and were 1st to master nuclear technology that can be used for good and bad purposes. One might wonder, why is it that so many things are created in the United States and not in let's say, North Korea or Denmark? Well, that is a simple question to answer. Denmark is a Socialist society that very often can lead to a Communist society that North Korea is.

Socialism is a centralized government machine that erodes any incentive for an individual to excel at anything at all, due to high taxation, excessive society laws to control an individual and industry crushing regulations in every field or sector of a Nations economy to stifle over all industry productivity. There is no point for individual advancement, there is no point for creativity and there is no point to have individual dreams and aspirations, because Socialism in a sense, is an over encompassing man altering machine that collectively makes people work for the States common good and interests exclusively and as a result to the system an individual can't get a head even if he or she desired to do so. As a result to this reality, individuals who live in Socialist society's less often swing for the fences, because if they did and achieved any degree of success, then it is just done for the benefit of the State resulting in no individual reward, which of coarse destroys any rational individual reason to give it your all.

Very often, power hungry intellects who feel that they are very important leads misguided people with big hearts, who are less aware of History into Socialism. The masses fall prey to embarrassing and supporting Socialism as a valid Governmental system under the guise that all mankind have basic needs and it is up to the Government to ensure that these basic needs are delivered to them. The power hungry intellects of coarse, achieves a dizzying degree of power to fuel their needs of self adulation and then the masses are thumbed under their control.

Unfortunately, for the minority of people who are very well versed in History, we have seen time and time again, how initial good intentions with Marxist theory has resulted in absolute failure at a high cost, leading to great human suffering. Socialism leads to Communism, because of the productivity loss, which requires the leaders to put the masses behind the barrel of a gun to FORCE the masses to become more productive to avoid the guaranteed society system implosion. The American Progressives have slowly installed Socialism principles in US Government since 1913 to the present, where today under President Obama we now have full blown Socialism being installed in its final stages. What are the results to Socialist policies even witnessed in our country?

National Debt: just shy of 60 Trillion dollars.

National Deficit: 12-14 Trillion dollars & growing.

Social Security: Out of money very soon.

Unfunded liabilities to cover entitlement programs such as Social Security, medicare and medicaide: 108 Trillion dollars & growing.

Socialized medicine: Enacted on debt, with no real funds to pay for it.

US Federal budget for over sized Government: Operating on Treasury notes (uh, that's more debt people) where about 40 cents of every dollar received by the Government pays just for debts.

Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae Federal Corporations: Operating on debt, issued housing policies that played a major role in creating the current United States Economic and Global Depression.

I could give hundreds of additional examples of Federal Government fiscal failure caused by Progressives, but for the sake of keeping what you are reading as an article and not creating an Encyclopedia, I will press on to other Global examples of Socialism leading to economic collapse and to massive needless human suffering.

USSR: The collective state could not spend money on sustaining a global military super power status and at the same time could not sustain a vibrant or even a satisfactory economy. The USSR placed military importance over stable economic importance, which unfortunately led to their collapse. 100 million people were murdered by the Government in its brief 76 year existence, not to mention millions more around the world.

Greece: Greece continued a long time period of growing National government jobs and decreasing private sector jobs. The result; Today they are in a state of complete economic collapse and government insolvency. Half the Nation is unemployed.

China: China was smart. Their think tanks calculated over and over and over again, what the economic results of their Socialist economic system would be. The logical conclusion that they found, was automatic failure. Considering that China is known as the 5000 year old society, they decided to do what they have successfully always done through out history. They adapted and overcame, once again and ditched the failed Marxist economic principles, but held on to Marxist ideas for social principles.

Cuba: Cuba touts how their Utopia is so wonderful under Fidel Castro, but in reality people live at a very low standard of living, food shortages are common, medical assistance is poor and half of the cities are shanty towns. Only Sean Penn and a couple other delusional actors who have consumed incredible amounts of narcotics, believes that Cuba is a Socialist paradise that would be great for all mankind.

Eastern block European Nations during the Cold War. Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Yugoslavia, East Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria suffered needlessly under a failed Marxist ideology. During the Cold War their peoples standard of living was low, unemployment rates were high, food shortages common and health care was poor compared to the Western world.

Angola's Marxist government collapsed in the 80's when Marxist ideas were implemented in that African country.

In the 90's the Mexican currency suffered sky rocketing hyper inflation, due to some Marxist economic ideas being tried there, that led to the standard failure.

The results are always the same. Individual motivation to aspire to do anything significant at all and invention is muted, productivity to get anything done lowers, efficiency of anything and everything reduces and costs to pay for society services grossly increases. Then the obvious conclusion that has repeatedly happened through out history occurs: economic and governmental collapse.

Some Socialist proponents and supporters will say,"Your point is not true, what about Western Europe?" My answer to them is simple,"Western Europe doesn't count, because the United States has paid for 80% of their Military Defense through NATO. If they had to pay for their own Defense at 100%, then their Governments too, would collapse as we've always seen throughout History."

So tighten up your seat belts people, because our current leadership in Washington DC are going to take you on a fast ride straight into a tree and you should just be mentally prepared to deal with the automatic guaranteed outcome of their current installed policies as all Nations through out history who have practiced such policies has witnessed, which is automatic guaranteed failure and a miserable life for the masses while such policies are in place!

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