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Calvert Homeschooling May Be Right For You

Today, homeschoolers are faced with many choices of curriculum and styles of homeschooling. The beauty of homeschooling is the ability to adapt to each individual child's learning style, and to the home teacher's teaching style. The biggest challenge can be choosing the right program for the child and home teacher. Choices can include curriculum that offers structure complete with instructions on how to teach the lessons, or a curriculum that is more of an outline that the teacher can adapt to personal lesson plans. The Calvert School has been educating for over a century. Calvert offers a homeschooling program, for pre-K through eighth grade that is geared to helping the teacher and the student acquire a successful educational experience.

The desire of home teachers is to help their children learn basic skills by using teaching methods that make learning fun and interesting, as well as effective. Children have different learning styles and speeds. Variety of teaching tools, with offline and online resources, make learning adventurous. Math, spelling, and other skills are often taught using games.

Children, typically, progress at varying speeds in different subjects. One may be at a fifth grade level in all subjects except, maybe math or reading. This may be a disadvantage of using Calvert, as it is not very flexible. Determining the needs of the individual will be necessary in deciding if Calvert is the best program for the child and teacher. However, it does offer much support for the student and instructor. One means of support is a service called "Advisory Teaching Service (ATS)" where the student receives evaluations and feedback. The home teacher is given support and advice. Each is offered the encouragement available as needed.

If you are looking for a home school program that has lesson plans, instructions, online, offline resources, and available support or encouragement, Calvert appears to have it all. You may want the flexibility of picking and choosing different grade levels per subject or writing your own lesson plans. In those cases, another program may be more suitable. Some home schoolers pick parts of different programs and form their own diverse lesson plans. Calvert homeschooling offers the experience from years of service, adequate structure, support, and resources. It doesn't get much better than that.For lots more information on homeschooling, be sure to visit

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