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How to Save on Currency Transactions

One of the fastest ways to push your business over the edge into oblivion is to start to take your eye off the ball where cost containment is concerned.

Now it's perfectly true that for some businesses, foreign exchange is an infrequent requirement and one only involving small sums. It's therefore a marginal-cost activity. For others though, it is a regular need and with large sums involved, trying to save on currency transactions only makes sound financial sense.

Where the Cost Comes From.

The costs you will end up paying for your foreign currency transaction will typically comprise one or more of the following components:

Why Costs Vary.

In one sense, Forex is no different to any other sort of business.

Some providers are likely to be able to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively than others and pass the benefits of that on to their customers through better rates and lower charges.

The bottom line here is clear – if you want to save on currency transactions, shop around and talk to other providers. It's a competitive business and you should take advantage of that.

Use Knowledge Productively.

It is quite interesting to see how many businesses operate their foreign currency exchange exclusively on the basis of what is called a "spot contract."

That is essentially simply calling up your provider and asking them for an exchange rate, then giving them the go ahead to strike a deal immediately.

In fact, you may have been able to achieve a significantly better price had you only told them a few days, weeks or months previously, that you would be in a position whereby such a transaction would be required.

That introduces the concept of the forward contract. That means shopping around for the best rate for a guaranteed date at some time in the future.

Understanding things such as the difference between spot and forward contracts is imperative if you are to save on currency transactions.

Think about using a specialist Forex operation, as opposed to a generalist.

For some providers, foreign exchange operations are part of a huge and diverse portfolio of services offered to businesses and the general public.

Fair enough perhaps but other organisations do one thing and one thing alone – foreign exchange.

That might mean that their expertise is greater and their focus on the markets that bit sharper. If nothing else, it is worth contacting them to ask for some price indications.

If you do, you may find that you are well on course to save money on currency transactions.

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