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Revenue Generating Web Design

Do you want a website that will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars? If the answer is yes, then you will want to read the following. Like any business venture the key to profitable web design begins with planning. Planning is almost always undervalued as the focus is to get the website online in the most timely fashion possible. Your website must be laid out in an organized fashion. Therefore, organizing your pages into themed based sections is extremely important.

The main reason that organizing your website into themed based pages is so crucial is that adverting revenue is the main source of income for more than 50% of websites. Whether its Adsense, Yahoo Search Marketing or Banner Adverting, the key is to drive targeted traffic to various themed based pages. When marketing advertising space on your website to potential clients, you will have a much easier time convincing them to advertise on your web site if you can convince them that only potential buyers will be viewing their ads.

If we use the example of a European travel site, the implementation of themed based pages would result in a real estate rental section, a tour section, an entertainment section and a currency conversion section. This would result in you having the ability to market advertising space on your currency conversion space to financial institutions, space on your real estate portion to realtors and space on your entertainment section to theaters and museums. The benefit to your potential clients is that only customers who are interested in currency conversion will be viewing their ads versus a visitor who is only interested in the weather and could care less about currency conversion.

With the internet being utilized more and more, businesses are realizing that newspaper and magazine advertising is not nearly as effective as advertising on websites which drive targeted traffic to their ads. A carefully planned web site will allow you to lead your visitors to all of your revenue generating pages and will result in an extremely profitable website.

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